Centrelink Payment Dates July 2024 – Schedule for Benefits and Pensions

Centrelink Payments, overseen by Services Australia, are pivotal in providing essential financial support to low-income households, job seekers, pensioners, and individuals with disabilities. This article highlights the latest updates, payment schedules, and eligibility criteria for Centrelink Payments in July 2024.

The Centrelink Payment Plan, administered by the Australian Government, offers significant financial relief to those facing economic challenges, particularly during crises. Starting 1 July 2024, payment amounts will increase to reflect the 3.6% rise in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) as of March 2024. Payments are conveniently deposited directly into recipients’ bank accounts.

Payment Dates for July 2024

Here are the upcoming payment dates for Centrelink Payments:

  • Payment for 4th April 2024: Direct deposit on 10th April 2024; payment check on 24th April 2024.
  • Payment for 2nd May 2024: Direct deposit on 8th May 2024; payment check on 22nd May 2024.
  • Payment for 30th May 2024: Direct deposit on 5th June 2024; payment check on 19th June 2024.
  • Payment for 27th June 2024: Direct deposit on 3rd July 2024; payment check on 17th July 2024.

Stay informed with the latest updates by visiting the myGov website for eligible individuals.

Pension Payments

The Centrelink Payment program extends support to individuals facing economic challenges through various initiatives:

  • Low-Income Family Payments: Aid aimed at covering essential expenses for low-income households.
  • Disability Support Payments: Financial assistance provided to certified disabled individuals.
  • One-Off Emergency Payments: Immediate financial aid available to individuals experiencing economic emergencies.

Below are the scheduled upcoming payment dates:

MonthDirect Deposit DatePaycheck Date
August22 August28 August
September19 September25 September
October17 October23 October

For the most accurate and current dates, please visit the official Australian Government website.

Eligibility Criteria

To apply for Centrelink Payments, individuals need to meet specific eligibility criteria and can submit their applications online through the official Government of Australia website.

General Criteria:

  • Citizenship: Applicants must be Australian citizens or have permanent residency.
  • Income: For the Low-Income Family Payment, household income must fall below a specified threshold that varies based on the number of family members.
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Specific Payments:

  • Low-Income Family Payment: Eligibility hinges on household income being below the prescribed threshold, which varies depending on the number of family members.
  • Disability Support Payment: Applicants must have a certified disability. Payments range from $34.80 to $45.60 per fortnight, depending on the individual’s circumstances.
  • One-Off Emergency Payment: Applicants must provide evidence of an economic emergency to qualify for a one-time payment of $250.

For the most accurate information and to apply, visit the official Government of Australia website.


Applicants are required to submit valid documents for verification purposes. Once all necessary formalities are fulfilled, payments are processed using the provided payment details. Applicants can monitor the status of their application on the official website.

Family Tax Benefits

Centrelink Payments are closely tied to Family Tax Benefits (FTB) Part A and Part B, designed to assist families with children at different stages of development.

  • Part A FTB: Eligibility extends to individuals with a child under 15 or between the ages of 16 and 19.
  • Part B FTB: Eligibility extends to individuals with a child under the age of 13.

Recent increases in FTB Part B rates are as follows:

  • For children aged 0 to 12: Increased from $213.36 to $288.82.
  • For children aged 13 to 15: Increased from $277.48 to $288.82.

Centrelink Payments play a crucial role in providing essential financial support to vulnerable groups across Australia. It’s important for recipients to stay informed about payment schedules and eligibility criteria by regularly checking the myGov and official government websites for the latest updates.


When are Centrelink payments in July 2024?

The next payment is scheduled for 3rd July, with checks to follow on 17th July 2024.

How do I check my Centrelink payment status?

You can check your payment status by visiting the myGov website or using official government portals.

What are the eligibility criteria for Centrelink Payments?

Eligibility criteria vary by payment type but generally require Australian citizenship and income verification.

How can I apply for Centrelink Payments?

To apply, visit the official Government of Australia web portal and submit your application online.

What is the Family Tax Benefit?

FTB Part A is available for children under 15 or aged 16-19, while Part B is for children under 13. Recent updates have included increases in payment amounts.

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