Complete schedule of all SNAP benefits in July – Exact EBT card reload dates

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is vital in aiding millions of Americans experiencing food insecurity. This article outlines essential details about SNAP benefits, including eligibility criteria, payment schedules, and more.

SNAP Benefits: What You Need to Know

What are SNAP Benefits?

SNAP benefits, also referred to as food stamps, offer financial aid to low-income individuals and families for purchasing food. These benefits are distributed through an Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card.

Eligibility for SNAP Benefits

To qualify for SNAP benefits, your household income must be below a specified threshold. The size of your household determines how much you get.

How Much Can You Receive?

SNAP benefits vary depending on the size of your household. For instance, a household of eight people can receive up to $1,751 per month.

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Full Payment Schedule for July

The following lists the dates on which SNAP benefits will be distributed in each state in July:

StateSNAP Benefit Issuance Dates in July
AlabamaJuly 4th to 23rd
AlaskaJuly 1st
ArizonaJuly 1st to 13th
ArkansasJuly 4th to 13th
CaliforniaJuly 1st to 10th
ColoradoJuly 1st to 10th
ConnecticutJuly 1st to 3rd
DelawareJuly 2nd to 23rd
District of ColumbiaJuly 1st to 10th
FloridaJuly 1st to 28th
GeorgiaJuly 5th to 23rd
HawaiiJuly 3rd to 5th
IdahoJuly 1st to 10th
IllinoisJuly 1st to 10th
IndianaJuly 5th to 23rd
IowaJuly 1st to 10th
KansasJuly 1st to 10th
KentuckyJuly 1st to 19th
LouisianaJuly 1st to 23rd
MaineJuly 10th to 14th
MarylandJuly 4th to 23rd
MassachusettsJuly 1st to 14th
MichiganJuly 3rd to 21st
MinnesotaJuly 4th to 13th
MississippiJuly 4th to 21st
MissouriJuly 1st to 22nd
MontanaJuly 2nd to 6th
NebraskaJuly 1st to 5th
NevadaJuly 1st to 10th
New HampshireJuly 5th
New JerseyJuly 1st to 5th
New MexicoJuly 1st to 20th
New YorkJuly 1st to 9th
North CarolinaJuly 3rd to 21st
North DakotaJuly 1st
OhioJuly 2nd to 20th
OklahomaJuly 1st to 10th
OregonJuly 1st to 9th
PennsylvaniaJuly 3rd to 14th
Rhode IslandJuly 1st
South CarolinaJuly 1st to 10th
South DakotaJuly 10th
TennesseeJuly 1st to 20th
TexasJuly 1st to 28th
UtahJuly 5th, 11th, and 15th
VermontJuly 1st
VirginiaJuly 1st to 7th
WashingtonJuly 1st to 20th
West VirginiaJuly 1st to 9th
WisconsinJuly 1st to 15th
WyomingJuly 1st to 4th

FAQs About SNAP Benefits

Who qualifies for SNAP benefits?

SNAP eligibility is determined by household income and size.

How are SNAP benefits distributed?

Benefits are distributed via an EBT card.

What can SNAP benefits be used for?

SNAP benefits can be used to purchase food items, but not for non-food items such as alcohol or pet food.

Can college students receive SNAP benefits?

Yes, college students may qualify under specific conditions.

How can I check my SNAP benefits balance?

You can check your balance online or through the EBT customer service hotline.u003cbru003eUnderstanding the SNAP program and its benefits is essential for recipients who depend on it. Familiarizing yourself with the eligibility requirements, distribution methods, and permitted uses of benefits can help manage finances and food purchases effectively.

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