10 Romantic wedding hairstyles using flowers

Floral Crown Elegance

Enhance your bridal look with a delicate floral crown, featuring roses and baby's breath for a whimsical and romantic vibe.

Braided Beauty with Jasmine

Adorn your braided hairstyle with jasmine (venis/gajra) for a traditional yet elegant touch, perfect for a classic bridal look.

Orchid Cascade

Create a stunning cascade effect with orchids, weaving them into a waterfall braid or loose curls for a chic and sophisticated bridal hairstyle.

Chrysanthemum Bun

Opt for a chrysanthemum-adorned bun to symbolize joy and optimism, adding a floral accent that complements any wedding gown.

Carnation Half-Up Style

Style your hair in a half-up hairdo adorned with carnations, showcasing their elegant hues and creating a beautiful ombre effect.

Dahlias in Loose Waves

Add dahlias to loose waves for a show-stopping bridal hairstyle, featuring their bold colors and layered petals for a lush look.

Lavender-infused Updo

Craft an updo with lavender accents, adding a calming aroma and delicate purple flowers to evoke romance and tranquility.

Rose Petal Veil

Incorporate rose petals into a veil or hair accessory for a timeless and romantic bridal hairstyle, symbolizing love and passion.

Sunflower Statement

Make a statement with sunflowers in a tousled bun or flowing waves, adding a vibrant touch to your wedding hairstyle.

Peony Perfection

Embrace peonies in a romantic updo or cascading curls, featuring their lush petals and soft colors for an unforgettable bridal look.

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