7 Best Cat Foods in 2024, Recommended By Vets

Royal Canin offers a variety of high-quality dry cat food, including breed-specific options and formulas for neutered, indoor, outdoor, and picky cats, along with life stage choices.

Royal Canin

Whiskas is a popular grocery brand. By shopping smartly, you can find great deals on their tasty cat food, ensuring both value and satisfaction for your pet.


Felix is another good option if you look for value multi-packs at the right stores, providing your cat with tasty meals without breaking the bank.


Purina Gourmet boasts over sixty options, from fish and meat to poultry, in various textures like gravy, jelly, mousse, and pate, offering a fine dining experience for your cat.

Purina Gourmet

Hills Science Plan offers dry and wet food for kittens, formulated with high-quality ingredients to support their developmental needs and ensure optimal growth and nutrition.

Hills Science Plan Kitten Food

The Republic of Cats personalizes your cat's diet by recommending a tailored mix of dry and wet food based on a short questionnaire about your pet's specific needs.

Republic of Cats

Lily s Kitchen offers 25 wet and dry varieties, made with carefully chosen natural ingredients to cater to even the pickiest cats, ensuring both taste and nutrition.

Lily s Kitchen