7 Best Ikea Items To Buy for Less Than $10

KUNGSFORS Mesh Bag (Set of Two)

The KUNGSFORS mesh bag is perfect for the farmers market or storing extra toilet paper rolls in the bathroom. Ikea offers two mesh bags in different sizes for $4.99.

TISKEN Basket With Suction Cup

With bathroom caddies like a TISKEN basket that sticks to the wall, you can never have too many. This best-seller used to cost $9.49 online, but now it only costs $7.99.

DIMPA Storage Bag

Need a separate sealed bag for really big things like a queen-size blanket or a bunch of pillows? When you go to Ikea, put the DIMPA storage bag in your cart.

UPPSNOFSAD Storage Box With Lid

For products that require more storage than a bag, choose the UPPSNOFSAD storage box with cover. This $2.99 storage box may hold gardening tools or organize bigger stuff. Even rubbish may be stored in it.

TISKEN Hook With Suction Cup

Much like the TISKEN basket, this hook uses tight-grip suction cups to attach to smooth surfaces. Hang up essentials like bath towels and loofah sponges without drilling holes in the walls.

BOLMEN Step Stool

Approved for kid and grown-up use, the BOLMEN step stool offers the benefits of being an anti-slip, stable step stool. Previously priced at $9.99, this step stool is now $6.99.

UPPHETTA French Press Coffee Maker

Ikea sells UPPHETTA French press coffee makers if you want one for less. At $7.99, this coffee and tea maker makes brewing and cleaning your favorite drinks simple.