7 Celebrity-Hairstylist Tricks for Red Carpet Worthy Ponytails

Slick, Centered Ponytail

Guerrero claims that gel and firm-hold hair spray are essential for elegant ponytails. 

Curly Waterfall With Loose Tendrils

Hydrate your curls before achieving simple ponytails on curly hair, adds Guerrero.

High Ponytail With Wavy Tresses

Guerrero recommends pre-styling your hair before applying heat tools for this unique ponytail.

Ultra-Blunt Ponytail

When putting your hair in a ponytail, tension is key, but Nelms advises against pulling it too tight.

Low Plait Pony

You can also customize your braids and make your sections thinner or wider." Gather each braid's ends and tie them in a low ponytail or bun.

Coily Pineapple With Bangs

Showcase your natural texture with this wavy updo. "First, diffuse your curls as if you're going to wear your hair down.

Bejeweled Swoop Ponytail

Swoop bangs and ponytails make up this look. "First, section off enough hair to make a bang, and make a ponytail with the rest.