7 Creative Landscaping Ideas to Transform Your Swimming Pool Area

Planters with cascading foliage and flowers are a budget-friendly way to add flair to your pool area. Use a mix of thriller, filler, and spiller plants for a dynamic arrangement.

Go All-In with Planters

Incorporating tropical plants like palms, bird-of-paradise, and caladiums around your pool area can create an island vibe. 

Include Tropical Plants

Hedges are an excellent way to create privacy around your pool. Evergreen plants like boxwood provide a dense wall of greenery year-round. 

Grow Hedges for Privacy

Adding colorful flowers around your pool can break up straight lines and enhance the outdoor space. For instance, pairing purple salvia with orange dahlias creates a striking contrast. 

Brighten Up with Plenty of Color

If your pool area has a scenic view, make it a focal point. Use landscaping elements like hedges, fences, and trees to frame the view, drawing attention to it.

Show Off the View

Incorporating rocks into your pool landscaping can create a natural feel. Large rocks and boulders can mimic the look of distant mountains.

Rock Out in the Garden

Use natural-edge pavers to soften the hard lines of your pool. Curving lines and random shapes blend well with informal gardens. 

Embrace Curvy Spaces