7 Democrats who could replace Biden if he drops his 2024 reelection bid

Kamala Harris

As the first Black, Indian-American, and female vice president, Harris made history. She worked closely with President Biden on voting rights, foreign affairs, and opposing GOP-led abortion restrictions after Roe v. Wade.

Gavin Newsom

Democratic Governor Newsom defends California against Republican criticism and promotes progressive ideas. As Bay Area locals, he and Vice President Harris work well together.

Gretchen Whitmer

In a competitive state, Michigan Governor Whitmer has won many elections and supports abortion rights. Her influence in the Michigan presidential election is considered to be critical.

Amy Klobuchar

Veteran Minnesota Senator Klobuchar campaigned for president in 2020 and has a bipartisan record. She could run in future elections due to her national prominence and Midwestern upbringing.

Cory Booker

Senator Booker, a former Newark mayor, ran for president in 2020 and remains a Democratic leader. He has tremendous popularity in South Carolina and is a likely 2028 candidate.

Roy Cooper

North Carolina Governor Cooper, a centrist Democrat, has handled GOP-leaning conditions well. His electoral successes and Southern background make him a potential Democratic nominee.

Wes Moore

Maryland Governor Moore, an Army veteran and Rhodes Scholar, focuses on issues like child poverty and housing affordability. He emphasizes reshaping patriotism in politics and is gaining recognition as a potential contender in 2028.