7 Fashion Mistakes That Make You Look Older

Avoid wearing too many soft, delicate colors:  We lose skin tone as we age, so lighter colors are appealing. Too much pastels might age you. If you wish to wear light hues head-to-toe, choose nude, ivory, light gray, or beige.

Avoid too much black:  Head-to-toe black is sleek, trendy, and easy to combine. It simplifies packing and allows a smaller wardrobe. 

Avoid wearing oversized everything:  Many manufacturers have big, flowy styles. The appearance is fashionable and comfortable yet difficult to master. 

Outdated eyeglasses:  Dated glasses make you look older. Check out how to pick the finest frames for your face. Slowly changing frame forms may be aging you if you haven't altered them in years.

The wrong undergarments:  Panty lines are unflattering, so wear smooth underwear. Thongs are uncomfortable, so I stopped wearing them years ago. 

Passé trends:  Herein is the trend issue. Trends change quickly, thus wearing old clothes makes you seem old. 

Unflattering Lipstick Makes You Look Older:  Brown, deep, matte lipstick dries out your cheeks and grin. Choose shine over frost and dewy over matte.