7 Mistakes People Make When Living Alone That Put Their Safety in Danger

Forgetting to Lock Windows and Doors                                                               This easy step is often overlooked. Locking your doors and windows is your first defense against intruders. Regularly check them before leaving or going to bed.

Neglecting Smoke and CO Detectors Smoke and CO detectors save lives but need maintenance. To ensure they always alert you, test them regularly and renew the batteries annually.

Oversharing on Social Media Sharing your life online is fun, but notifying criminals that you live alone or are away is like inviting them in. Maintain privacy about your plans and living condition.

Not Having a Check-In Buddy While living alone can be peaceful, it's important to have someone to check in on you. If you don't show up, a friend, family member, or neighbor should know.

Neglecting Curtains or Blinds Windows provide nice views of the outside. They also reveal our home to the world. Curtains and blinds provide seclusion and keep inquisitive eyes out.

Avoiding Renter's Insurance Many lone renters assume they can save money by eliminating renter's insurance, but it's a safety net you need. It covers theft, damage, and injuries at home.

Not Securing Wi-Fi Networks An unsecured Wi-Fi network lets hackers access your data. Use a VPN and a strong password to secure your network.