7 of The Best 1980s Hairstyles for Women 

Jheri Curls

In the 1980s, the African American community had a lot of success with the Jheri Curl.

The Perm

Women all across the world adored the perm in the 1980s. Everyone's hair was changed into huge, curly manes, from Julia Roberts to Madonna.

The Mullet

Everyone enjoys a nice flashback to the 1980s, and one of those classic styles that we've been seeing more and more of late is the mullet. In search of simple 1980s hairstyles?

80s Glam Metal Hair

That's correct, when Bon Jovi and his group of happy men introduced their brand of rock into American homes, they completely transformed the game.

The Hi-Top Fade

A hi-top fade is a kind of haircut where the hair is chopped near to the scalp, creating straight lines.

Feathered Layers and Bangs

Bangs were back in style, usually falling just over the length of the cheekbones with long layers at the top to provide volume.

The Side Pony

The side pony, a carefree and effortless hairstyle, was the standard for iconic 80s hair. Stars of the 1980s like Madonna, Debbie Gibson, and Cyndi Lauper all wore ponytails.