7 Smaller U.S. Cities With a Surprisingly Good Food Scene

Cape May, New Jersey

Since most cafés, restaurants, pubs, and specialized food stores are within walking distance of each other and the Atlantic Ocean, its culinary scene is amazing.

Mesquite, Nevada

The Western influence is everywhere in Mesquite, Nevada. Laid-back, casually rustic cafes are just as popular as the upscale dining destinations and there s plenty to choose from.

Orange Beach, Alabama

Orange Beach, Alabama, boasts a dynamic culinary industry and calm seaside beauty on the Gulf Coast. Some of the best restaurants in town provide fresh seafood

Covington, Louisiana

This charming Louisiana riverfront town has a hot cuisine scene. New restaurants with unique menus are opening adjacent to monuments in Covington, enticing loyal customers with regional cuisines.

Oxford, Mississippi

Oxford, Mississippi, is an unassuming culinary haven in the heart of the South, seamlessly blending traditional Southern comfort food with innovative twists.

Thomasville, Georgia

Thomasville is noted for its charming, timeless appeal and diversified cuisine scene, including ancient and contemporary bistros. This town offers a wide variety of culinary options, including Southern delicacies

Abingdon, Virginia

Food has always been alive in this accessible Virginia Highlands town, and it continues improving. Traditions like The Tavern, 128 Pecan, Rain, Bone Fire Smokehouse, and Foresta