7 Things You Should NEVER Plug Into a Power Strip


Refrigerators use a lot of electricity and cycle on and off, which may overwhelm a power strip. These appliances should be connected directly into a wall socket designed for them.


The microwave cooks, reheats, and thaws food in a fraction of the time of a normal oven. That amazing action demands more energy than a power strip can offer.

Coffee Makers

Despite appearances, most coffee machines need a lot of amperage to boil roasted beans into a hot drink. Plug your coffee maker straight into the socket to avoid waking up to half-brewed coffee.


If you've ever looked inside a toaster to remove a stubborn piece of broken crust, you know that the wires heat up to red-hot temperatures to toast the bread.

Slow Cookers

Stop thinking you're a smart chef when you connect your slow cooker into a power strip to make room for other countertop gadgets. These culinary gadgets use more electricity than a power strip over time.

Hair-Care Appliances

Hair dryers, curling wands, and flat irons use a lot of energy. Any heat-producing hairdressing accessory should be connected directly into a wall outlet.

Air Conditioners

Portable air conditioners cycle on and off like heaters and draw a lot of electricity when they turn on. Overloading a power strip might trigger the circuit breaker or cause severe overheating.