7 Ways I Learned to Dress While Living in Europe (Simple Tips)

European Women Carefully Think Through Their Purchases: European women know what they want before shopping. They know their style. People don't buy things merely because they went to the mall.

They Find Pieces That Are Comfortable and Stylish: Look around for attractive button-ups and outfits to laze in all day. Or a comfortable sweater you can pull into your jeans and forget you're not wearing sweats.  

Tuck & Belt: Easy outfit leveling requires two stages, all of which are crucial. Tucking a lovely blouse into jeans is an easy way to dress up your clothing, but a belt makes it much more appealing.

Get a Nice Trench or Pea Coat: One of the things Parisian women wore that attracted me was this. Additionally, it's one of the easiest ways to improve your clothing. Just tie the coat, do your hair and makeup, and wear black tights or leggings and a simple shirt.

The Basics Build on Basics: The essentials matter. The basics include white blouses and black or beige dress pants. Plain flats or dark jeans. Black belt or excellent knit sweater.

Neutrals Are Your Best Friend: While vibrant colors are excellent, I recommend having plenty of neutrals. I may wear a red sweatshirt, a blue and white pinstriped top, black trousers, or a grey skirt. It also looks sleek and adds color without being overpowering.

Look at How It Fits You: How an outfit flatters your curves is crucial. Draping shirts and dresses are good, but selecting clothing that fit your body type is better.