8 Bedroom Ideas for Couples That You'll Both Adore

Keep Spatial Awareness in Mind

 Opt for a stylish Murphy bed to save space in smaller bedrooms.

Embrace Patterns on Patterns

Use layered patterns in neutral tones for a subtle yet intriguing bedroom decor.

Factor in Climate

Design your bedroom to take advantage of the local climate, using open layouts or cozy elements accordingly.

Invest in a Minimalist Canopy Bed

A canopy bed frame adds elegance and a romantic touch without overwhelming the space.

Bring Nature Inside

Use an earthy color palette and subtle nature prints for a warm, luxurious feel.

Utilize Every Surface

Hang pendant lights from the ceiling for adequate reading light and added texture.

Transport Yourself Somewhere New

Use wallpaper murals and printed fabrics to create a dreamy, vacation-like bedroom atmosphere.

Consider a Built-In

Add a built-in bookcase behind the bed for couples who love to read.