8 Best Stress Relieving Plants for Home and Office

English ivy

An good stress-relieving indoor plant is English Ivy. It also aids sleep and headaches. This hanging plant helps asthmatics and allergy patients. Perfect for winter holidays, when airborne infections are common.

Snake plant

Snake plants may alleviate anxiety, respiratory issues, and headaches with their protecting energy. It can also eliminate formaldehyde and benzene from dwellings, according to NASA study.


Lavender is known to reduce anxiety naturally. Many advantages include stress reduction and short-term memory improvement. It soothes and relieves anxiety with its flowery smell.

Basil plant

Tulsi helps alleviate tension and has several health advantages.  Indian families utilize it to relieve stress. Since basil is an adaptogen, cultivating one in your home


They are organic lightbulbs that fill your house with pleasure and serenity while easing tension and anxiety. These flowers also assist your body relax by cleaning the air and eliminating pollutants.

Aloe vera

Families and workaholics have traditionally cherished aloe vera plants. It lessens the radiation that comes from electronics. Aloe vera contributes to the atmospheric release of oxygen as electronics are toxic to people.

Peppermint plant

Peppermint increase alertness, relaxation, and minimize weariness and anxiety. Mint-scented anti-anxiety plant prevents Monday blues at work and home.   Peppermint menthol gives you energy all day.

Peace lily

Relax with a stunning white peace lily. Benzene, formaldehyde, toluene, xylene, and carbon monoxide are effectively absorbed. This easy-care plant absorbs mold spores and relieves pain.