8 Chic Paddle Brushes That Will Elevate Your Hair Routine

Wet Brush Pro Paddle Detangler

When using an iconic Wet Brush, you can't go wrong. This one includes bendable bristles that can reduce damage by up to 45% and effort by up to 55% when applied to damp hair.

Philip B. Paddle Brush

Indeed, this brush costs $190, but I want to emphasize how luxurious it is. Its unique ergonomic handle and sustainable mahogany construction are its first features. 

Denman Power Paddle Hair Brush

This brush is ideal for those with curly hair. It has round-ended, sculpted style pins that keep your curl pattern nicely defined. 

Aveda Wooden Paddle Brush

Because of its broad bristles, Aveda's paddle brush can effectively untangle thick hair without causing undue stress to the hair strands. 

Prose Boar Bristle Brush

For those of us with fine hair, the boar bristles are a fantastic option since they disperse oil away from the roots and release residue from the scalp. 

Shop More Paddle Brushes We Love

In addition, I suggest the Emi Jay Bamboo Paddle Brush as a detangler and mildly exfoliating scalp massager.

YVES DURIF Vented Brush

With its vented form, this opulent paddle brush not only looks amazing atop our vanities, but it also speeds up the blow-dry process. 


The Ibiza CX6, which combines nylon and boar bristles to assist distribute natural oil and produce tension for styling, is what I suggest for styling