8 Habits of Super-Healthy People

Have Breakfast                                     It's crucial for many reasons. It revs your metabolism and prevents overeating. Studies demonstrate that healthy breakfasts improve work performance in adults.

Plan Meals It'll save time and money over time. Schedule time to sit down and assess your needs.

Drink Plenty of Water You can benefit greatly from it. Hydration is essential, but it may help you lose weight. More reason to choose H2O? Type 2 diabetes and obesity are connected to sugary drinks.

Exercise Break Move instead of grabbing another coffee. Try deep lunges or stretches. Healthy for body and mind.

Go Offline Checking email and social media often? Do you need to see photos of your cousin's latest meal? Your friends and family's updates are just a click away.

Learn Something New New talents improve brain health. Enroll in dance or creative writing classes. Improve by learning a language.

Don't smoke Smokers should quit. A huge step toward greater health. Your body heals quickly. Only 20 minutes after quitting smoking, your heart rate and blood pressure drop.

Sleep Well Nearly too many benefits to list. You're happier, focus better, and learn more when you sleep well.