8 Horizontal Fence Ideas That Will Make You Want to Update Your Space

Alternating Cedar and Metal Fence

Combine cedar's warm, natural color with metal for a modern look. Add gaps between panels to let light through, creating an inviting atmosphere without sacrificing privacy.

Horizontal Vinyl Louvered Fence

Vinyl fences are durable, low-maintenance, and resistant to pests and UV rays. Louvered designs offer privacy while allowing adjustable visibility and airflow.

Corrugated Steel Fence with Exposed Posts

Corrugated steel fences make a bold statement with their unique texture. Exposed or powder-coated posts enhance its aesthetic appeal, providing durability and visual interest.

Shadow Box Wooden Fence

Shadow box fences alternate wood pieces on each side, creating a shadow effect. This design ensures privacy and visual appeal, making it a popular choice for homeowners.

Modern Ipe Wood Fence

Modern homes benefit from the sleek, even grain of ipe wood. Its dark color beautifully reflects light, creating an elegant aesthetic that enhances contemporary designs.

Ipe Horizontal Fence with Lighting

Ipe wood is durable and lasts over 25 years. Its deep brown and reddish hues add sophistication to modern homes. Use bottom or top lighting to highlight its sleek, dark grain.

Shadow Box Privacy

The shadow box design alternates wood pieces for a shadow effect, ensuring no direct view through the fence. This provides both privacy and a visually appealing structure.

Cedar and Metal Contrast

Create a unique look by alternating cedar wood with metal panels. This contrast offers a modern, contemporary style that stands out while blending with various home designs.

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