8 Moisture-Loving Plants That Will Spruce Up Your Bathroom

Bird's Nest Fern

Native to Southeast Asia and Polynesia, the Bird's Nest Fern thrives in the high humidity typical of bathrooms. It appreciates the moisture, which helps it grow vigorously with minimal leaf browning, even in low-light conditions.

Staghorn Fern

Similar to the Bird's Nest Fern, the Staghorn Fern enjoys the humidity found in bathrooms. It differs in its light preference, thriving in slightly brighter conditions compared to its shade-loving counterpart.

Boston Fern

Known as the sword fern, the Boston Fern has been popular since the Victorian era and remains a favorite for its love of humidity. It's well-suited for hanging in showers or placed on plant stands near bathtubs.


This plant thrives in bright, humid environments, making it ideal for bathrooms with ample sunlight. It's appreciated for its large, tropical leaves but should be positioned away from direct sunlight to prevent leaf burn.


Often referred to as the "cubicle plant" due to its resilience and adaptability, Pothos is a popular choice for bathrooms. It tolerates varying light levels and irregular watering, making it low-maintenance.

Air Plants

Thriving in humid environments, air plants are well-suited for bathrooms where they can flourish without needing soil. They prefer bright, indirect light and are easy to care for, requiring occasional misting.


Known for its medicinal properties, Aloe vera is a beneficial addition to bathrooms despite not requiring high humidity. It thrives in bright, direct light, making it suitable for windowsills where it can receive ample sunlight.


These plants are prized for their vibrant foliage and ability to thrive in humid environments with indirect light. They come in various striking patterns and colors, adding a splash of elegance.

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