8 Most Beautiful Cities to Visit in the United States

Charleston, South Carolina

There's a reason people keep going back to Charleston: the city expresses the perfect balance of Southern charm, knockout food and drinks, and walkability. Many readers also found the city's history to be a draw.

New Orleans

While many readers raved about NOLA's dynamic food scene and quirky tours (especially those in swamps and cemeteries), others homed in on its singular atmosphere. "You feel the overpowering spiritual energy of the past

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Robust restaurant and art scenes are key reasons visitors of all ages return to this Southwestern city. One reader who raved about the variety of attractions, including the Georgia O'Keefe Museum and Loretto Chapel, also encouraged other travelers

Savannah, Georgia

A laid-back atmosphere and accessibility were among the top reasons voters praised this charming coastal city. "The locals are extremely friendly," wrote one reader, who added that Savannah has something for everybody to enjoy


So much to do and never enough time," one reader said about this city on Oahu's southern shore. Another reader specifically called out the "amazing local restaurants" and "lots of hiking and walking areas to explore.

New York City

Everything in Manhattan is world-class, from the Broadway shows and historic landmarks to the art museums and retail stores, according to T+L readers. But perhaps no aspect of the city inspired more enthusiasm than the food.


Chicago offers everything good about any large U.S. city along with Midwestern charm and friendliness and excellent prices," summarized one reader. Several people remarked on the Windy City's superb restaurants and ease of navigation

Alexandria, Virginia

Though many people know it as a suburb of Washington, D.C., this capital-adjacent enclave has plenty of its own merits, including "good food and interesting shopping," according to one voter.