8 Old School Habits Gaining Popularity Today

Vinyl albums served as the Baby Boomer generation's soundtrack until the advent of digital streaming.

Vinyl Records

During the epidemic, home cooking has become more popular as people seek comfort in their kitchens.

Home Cooking

In addition, a lot of young people experiment with urban gardening and provide their communities with advice and produce.


The practice of thrift shopping is gaining popularity again, particularly with younger consumers who value eco-friendliness and distinctive clothing.

Buying Secondhand

Younger generations are beginning to value the tactile sensation of leafing through a real newspaper, even in spite of the ease of access to internet news.

Reading Print Newspapers

The Boomer generation's "do-it-yourself" mentality is resurfacing in the era of YouTube videos.

DIY Home Repairs

As opposed to virtual reality and video games, board games are having a resurgence.

Board Games

The epidemic has brought to light the value of family ties, and younger generations are now making a greater effort to plan and treasure family get-togethers.

Family Gatherings