8 Places Americans Dont Visit But Definitely Should


Given its location among Vietnam, Thailand, and Laos, it is understandable why this Southeast Asian country is frequently disregarded. Despite being poorer than its neighbors, the nation is unparalleled in its beauty.


The Arab Spring protests that began in this country in 2010 and eventually moved to Egypt, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan have left this North African


This landlocked country, which shares borders with Brazil to the east, Argentina to the south, and Peru to the west, is occasionally overlooked.


It is simple to see why Americans don't visit this Caribbean country very often after 50 years of embargo. Hopefully, this will change now that they can.

Northern Ireland

The Irish Republican Army and crown loyalists' violence in the 1990s gave this United Kingdom country a poor reputation. However, issue was resolved in the 1990s, and traveling to the nation is safe.


This nation in Southeast Asia borders Thailand, the most visited country in the area by Americans. The bulk of the population is Muslim, which turns off a lot of Americans


With the exception of South Africa and Morocco, Americans don't often travel to Africa. However, there are many safe destinations to visit; Malawi is one such destination.


With a population of 2 million and an area of only 11,500 square miles, this country is completely landlocked by South Africa.