8 Popular Long Hairstyles For Men To Copy in 2024

Long Slicked Back Hair

Long slicked back hairstyles may make medium-length hair seem elegant and polished for males. Guys may achieve a flowing appearance by brushing back their thick front and middle hair to avoid unruly strands.


Ponytails are easy hairstyles for males who wish to appear trendy. Ponytails are great for males who desire a current look without much style, even if the man bun has supplanted them.

Textured Long Wavy Hair

Heartthrobs and movie stars love long wavy hair, making it a trendy appearance for males. As seen in these pictures, lengthy waves may be styled sexily and masculinely.

Man Bun

Long men's hairstyles like the man bun remain stylish. Time has made man buns legendary as long-haired men love their appearance and functionality.

Long Hair with Middle Part

To vary up your look, try long hair with a part. Whether you cut your hair at the side or in the center, the proportions make it stand out. This doesn't make it sharp or hard.

Half-Up Half-Down Bun

Thor actor Chris Hemsworth finest epitomizes the half-up, half-down man bun style. Stands hang loosely, but a man bun or short ponytail elevates part of this look.


Long braids let you change hairstyles based on mood. The traditional braid style with longer hair is excellent for a fashionable cut with substance since the plaits are low-maintenance yet attractive.

Long Curly Hair

Let your long curly hair shine for a distinctive and fashionable style. Many guys attempt to control them, but letting them develop is the best approach to create a distinctive style.