8 Sneaky Reasons Snakes Won't Stay Out Of Your Yard

Snakes may hide in many places, while mice and other tiny rodents prefer to nest in wood heaps. Snakes eat rodents that hide in wood, not the wood itself.

Wood piles

Stacks of leaves and wood in your yard may attract snakes. These wet, undisturbed locations are safe for reptiles to live or lay eggs.

Leafy spots

Snakes do not consume birdseed, although leaving feeders out in warm weather may attract them. While you may love observing birds, feeding them

Bird feeders

Some snakes enjoy water as their environment. The sort of water snake in your pond depends on your area in the US. Water moccasins are poisonous, while ordinary watersnakes are not.


Snakes like to deposit eggs in the wet basement. Females may nest securely in these regions since they are seldom disturbed. Instead of a crawlspace, a basement may attract a snake family.

Crawl spaces

Stone walls, like firewood heaps, provide snakes with comfortable nooks, particularly on chilly days. Stones absorb solar heat and release it slowly as it cools.

Stone walls

Common garden snakes enjoy slugs and grubs as part of their diet  pests that can do a lot of damage to your vegetable garden so they may be beneficial.


Of course, moist places attract food. Prevent snakes from using your irrigation system as camouflage by reeling or wall-hooking your garden hose.

Garden hoses