8 Subtle Signs of Midlife Struggles in Men

1. He says life is a bore

If your man once liked his job and was happy at home but now expresses restlessness or apathy, he might be headed for a midlife crisis.

2. He is thinking about (or already is) having an affair

Is your loyal hubby straying lately? Do weird ladies call the house? Do his clothing smell like someone else? Does he have reasons like assisting friends.

3. He is suddenly making impetuous decisions about money and/or his career

Pay attention if your husband suddenly loses interest in his career, wants a different one or splurged on that red Ferrari

4. He makes a dramatic change in his personal style or appearance

If your boyfriend has increased vanity, you may have a problem. If the person who always praised his Roman nose now discussing rhinoplasty, your issue is larger.

5. He has little interest in spending time with you

For couples who didn't have any intercourse before middle age, having less nookie after age 50 doesn't always mean that the husband is having a problem.

6. He is drinking too much or abusing other substances

This is evident. The scent of alcohol on his breath, empty bottles around the home, bloodshot eyes, and unpredictable conduct suggest your boyfriend has a drinking problem.

7. He is displaying the classic signs of depression sleeping more, loss of appetite, malaise

This conduct generally follows a family catastrophe like a parent's death or a system shock like being laid off from a longstanding.

8. He is overly nostalgic and constantly reminiscing about his youth or his first love

Some men doubt their prior actions and wonder "what if," around midlife. The problem with nostalgia is that everyone sees the past through.