8 Ways to Attract More Birds to Your Yard, According to Experts

Fill Your Yard With Native Plants

Native plants provide birds with the fruit, seeds, nectar, and insects they need. These plants support birds throughout the year, including during migration and nesting seasons.

 Install Bird Feeders

Bird feeders attract a variety of species. Seed feeders draw cardinals and finches, while suet and peanut butter attract woodpeckers. Place feeders within 3 feet of windows to reduce collisions.

Plant Native Shrubs and Trees for Nesting

Native shrubs and trees offer shelter and nesting sites. Leave dead branches and snags for woodpeckers and other cavity-nesting birds. Include evergreens for winter shelter.

Put Nest Boxes in Your Yard

Provide nesting boxes for cavity-nesting birds like wrens and bluebirds. Mount them on trees or poles to create a welcoming environment for these species.

Leave Leaf Litter and Unmowed Areas

Leave leaf litter and unmowed areas under trees and shrubs. These areas provide shelter for birds and the insects they feed on, creating a more natural habitat.

Put a Bird Bath in Your Yard

A well-placed bird bath can attract various bird species. Clean it regularly and replace the water every few days to prevent bacteria and insects from thriving.

Add a Water Feature

Birds are drawn to the sound of running water. Adding a small fountain or pond with a pump can attract more birds and create a relaxing environment for you.

Focus on Color

Birds are attracted to colorful flowers, shrubs, and trees. Planting vibrant plants will draw birds looking for food and places to rest, enhancing your garden's appeal.

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