8 Worst Dog Breeds for New Owners

Border Collie

These powerful dogs are always ready for work and have extremely high energy levels, requiring regular exercise to prevent destructive behaviors like barking, digging, and chewing. Their intelligence means they quickly learn new commands

Siberian Husky

Thriving in cold environments, these independent dogs need plenty of exercises and space to maintain their happiness. Their thick, double coats require regular grooming, and their moderate intelligence requires more repetitions to learn commands.


Known for their high energy, Dalmatians need lots of stimulation to prevent destructive behaviors. They are reasonably intelligent and learn commands with moderate repetitions. Despite their short coat, they shed heavily and need regular exercise

Chow Chow

With their distinctive appearance, these dogs are stubborn and can be challenging to train, often requiring many repetitions to learn commands. They tend to be aloof and may show aggression towards strangers and other pets.

Cane Corso

These large, strong dogs are bred for protection and can be intimidating and aggressive towards strangers. Early training and socialization are crucial, and while they don't need excessive physical stimulation, they enjoy activities like playing tug.


Known for their guarding instincts, Akitas can be aggressive towards strangers and other dogs. They need regular exercise and training to stay fit and learn commands. Their independent nature and grooming needs, including regular brushing


These large, strong dogs have a fluctuating temperament and can be playful yet aggressive towards strangers. They require experienced handling, regular training, and exercise to prevent behavioral issues. Despite their size, they slow down over time

Airedale Terrier

These strong-willed, independent dogs have high energy levels and are prone to separation anxiety, leading to destructive behaviors. They are clever and quick learners but need regular exercise and grooming to stay healthy and happy.