9 Coolest Vodka Bottles to Keep on your Shelf

1. Kors Vodka  

Take a step toward elegance with the sophisticated bottle of Kors Vodka, which is made from high-quality glass and has a streamlined design.

2. Neft Vodka    

With the striking metallic finish on the bottle of Neft Vodka, which was inspired by the industrial design of the company, you can make a powerful statement.

3. Bong Vodka      

With the one-of-a-kind design of the Bong Vodka bottle, which is embellished with vivid colors, you may add a touch of humorous uniqueness to your drink.

4. Kurant Crystal Vodka        

You can take your collection to the next level by adding the crystal-clear elegance of the gorgeous design of Kurant Crystal Vodka, which has delicate etchings.

5. Imperial Collection Vodka          

The magnificent bottle of Imperial Collection Vodka, which is decorated with gold accents, will leave your visitors in awe with its refined and royal appearance.

6. Crystal Head Aurora Vodka            

The intriguing bottle of Crystal Head Aurora Vodka, which was inspired by the Northern Lights, will allow you to illuminate your shelf with its hypnotic appearance.

7. High Stick Vodka              

The unique sports-themed package for High Stick Vodka, which includes a bottle in the shape of a hockey stick, lets you show your love for hockey.

8. Jazz Vodka                

The elegant bottle design of Jazz Vodka, which is evocative of a traditional microphone, will look great in your bar and add a touch of sophistication to your establishment.

9. AnestasiA Vodka                  

With the magnificent design of the opulent bottle of AnestasiA Vodka, which has delicate flower designs, you may add a touch of grandeur to your collection.