9 Crockpot Chicken Breast Recipes

Just thinking about this slow-cooker chicken breast dish makes me hungry. Ham and cheese folded within are delightful discoveries. Leftovers reheat nicely and go great with a green salad for lunch. Jean Sherwood, Kenneth City, FL

Stuffed Chicken Rolls

In a gently spicy red broth, this chicken taco soup has corn and black beans. I'm constantly seeking for morning-to-dinner dishes as a busy parent of three small children. This simple soup tastes great to youngsters.

Mexican-Inspired Chicken Soup

A terrific make-ahead recipe! I chop fresh chicken, bag it, and freeze with the slow-cooker ingredients. Remove the bag a day ahead to defrost in the fridge, then pour the contents into the slow cooker.

Indonesian Peanut Chicken

In the beginning, I made these chicken Caesar wraps in a slow cooker for our daughter, who is a huge fan of Caesar salads. Later on, I made them for our extended family when they were on vacation. For those days when you would rather be outdoors than inside cooking all day.

Slow-Cooked Chicken Caesar Wraps

Especially delicious when served over spaghetti, this tantalizing dish for chicken breasts prepared in a slow cooker has a tomato sauce that has been beautifully seasoned. The meal was a favorite of my father.

Slow-Cooked Italian Chicken

I came up with this salad since my husband and boys are big fans of chicken topped with blue cheese. It is also possible to prepare the chicken the day before and then reheat it when you are ready to serve it. Hauna Havey, Roy, Utah, a resident

Slow-Cooker Buffalo Chicken Salad

These chicken dishes are a favorite of my spouse. The recipe asks for just five components, and we make it a point to have all of them on hand so that we may enjoy a delicious and warm supper whenever we choose.

Maple Mustard Chicken

My husband and I both agree that this chicken breast meal done in a slow cooker is our favorite dinner. You are able to adjust it to your preferences by include maize, rice, or refried beans in the recipe.

Hearty Chicken Enchiladas

When I serve these Thai peanut noodles, I like to garnish them with green onion or cilantro for a splash of color and a taste that is very fresh. Catherine Cebula, local resident of Littleton, Massachusetts

Slow-Cooker Thai Peanut Noodles