9 Gorgeous Formal Hairstyles to Wear on Your Next Special Event

Messy Low Bun:

This style involves loosely gathering the hair into a low bun, allowing for a relaxed, unique shape. It is elegantly finished with a pearl clip, adding a touch of sophistication.

Wrapped Curly Ponytail:

A formal take on the ponytail, this style features beautifully curled hair. A piece of hair is wrapped around the base of the ponytail to conceal the elastic and enhance the elegant look.

Sleek and Fluffy Ponytail:

Created by hairstylist, this hairstyle combines a sleek, smooth top section with a fluffy, voluminous ponytail for a striking contrast.

Half-Up Twist Knot with Curls:

This style by patricknavarro showcases luscious curls while keeping the hair partially pulled back with a twist knot, allowing for a playful yet controlled look.

Pinned To One Side:

Achieve this elegant look by using a decorative pin to pull back one side of the hair, allowing the rest of the curls to cascade naturally to the other side.

Braid into Bun:

Perfect for those who can't decide between a braid and a bun, this style combines both elements into a cohesive, stylish look.

Voluminous Curls:

Voluminous curls have made a comeback, as demonstrated by stylist. This style is perfect for adding fullness and drama to any special occasion.

Elegant Twisted Bun:

Hairstylist Patrick Navarro creates a polished look by twisting the hair into a clean, elegant bun, suitable for formal events.

Add a Velvet Bow:

Elevate any hairstyle quickly by adding a velvet bow, as shown by stylist. This simple addition can instantly add a touch of charm and sophistication to your look.