9 Hairstyles for Black Women Attending Weddings

Box Braids with Curls

 Box braids styled with curly ends.Long-lasting and versatile, with the option to wear them down, in a ponytail, or in an updo.

Elegant Updo

Keeps hair off the face and neck, showcasing jewelry and makeup.Gathered into a sleek bun or chignon.

Natural Curls

Emphasizes the beauty of natural texture and requires minimal styling.Defined, voluminous natural curls.

Goddess Braids

Protective and stylish, perfect for all-day events.Thick, cornrow-style braids arranged in intricate patterns.

Side-Swept Waves

Creates a romantic and soft look, ideal for elegant dresses.Loose, side-swept waves.

Braided Crown

Braids wrapped around the head like a crown.Regal and timeless, perfect for a sophisticated appearance.


Hair twisted and then untwisted for defined curls.Enhances natural curl pattern and adds volume.

High Puff

Quick and easy to achieve, highlighting facial featureNatural hair gathered into a high puff.

Faux Locs

Versatile and protective, offering a bold and unique look.Loc extensions styled in various lengths and patterns.

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