9 Landscaping Ideas Make House Look More Expensive

Discreet Color Palette

Stick to green and white with some purple accents in the front yard. Avoid adding 'hot' colors like red or orange for a more luxurious look.

Large-Scale Pavers and Stonework

Use large pavers and stonework for a dramatic, expensive look. Bigger scales feel more grand and less cookie-cutter.

Neatly Edged Landscaping Beds

Keep landscaping beds neatly edged with metal or angled spade edges. This simple touch makes a huge impact and is easy to maintain.

Year-Round Color with Evergreens

Incorporate evergreens for year-round color and texture. Beyond boxwood, choose shrubs with flowers or colorful foliage.

Natural Materials for Outdoor Furnishings

Choose outdoor furniture made from natural materials like wood, rattan, and woven fabrics in earthy colors for a rich, soothing feel.

Repeating Elements to Create Unity

Use repeating elements in plants and garden design to create a unified and restful space. Avoid a jumble of unrelated plants.

Well-Tended Trees

Well-tended trees add depth and aesthetic allure to your property. They can also positively impact your home s selling price and market time.

Proper Maintenance

Regularly check for maintenance needs like power-washing the house, painting trim, or replacing shutters. Small elements can make your home look shabby or expensive.

Add Personal Touches

Small, thoughtful additions like seasonal plantings in containers, landscape lighting, and a well-maintained mailbox can significantly enhance your landscape s appeal.

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