9 Most Dangerous Seas In The World

The Drake Passage

Mainstream cruise lines pass the Drake Passage, but exploration ships can reach Antarctica. 

The Bay of Biscay

Beware of poor weather and rough seas in the Bay of Biscay if you want a relaxing European trip. The continental shelf extends far into this bay off the west coast of France and northern Spain, creating shallow seas. 

The Gulf of Alaska

Certain sailings must transit the Gulf of Alaska. These waters are rougher due to strong surface currents and cold air. 

The Atlantic Ocean

The intensity is usually highest in winter. November, December, and February are hardest months for transatlantic cruises. 

The Mediterranean

Though sheltered, the sea can be choppy in fall and winter, when winds are greatest. In spring and summer, your ship may experience unpredictable swells. 

The Caribbean

Nothing beats sinking into a famous beach's white sand and viewing the turquoise waves with a fruity cocktail. 

The Pacific Ocean

Pacific Ocean is larger than the Atlantic, so swells often affect sailings from North America to Hawaii, Australia to Hawaii, etc.  

The North Sea

North Sea sailing is prone to heavy winds and waves, resulting in choppy waters and thick fogs.

The South China Sea

Disney Cruise Line's new ship Disney Adventure is homeported in Singapore, and Royal Caribbean will return to China in April 2024.