Animals and Wildlife in America

Wyoming's National Elk Refuge is home to the 11,000-strong Jackson elk herd. Witness these majestic animals during their winter migration.


Georgia’s Okefenokee Wilderness protects the world’s largest intact freshwater ecosystem and 200,000 alligators. Discover their habitat.

American Alligators

See the majestic bald eagle at James River National Wildlife Refuge. Once endangered, these icons of American pride are now thriving.

Bald Eagles

Montana’s Benton Lake Refuge is home to a historic bison herd. This is where the great American bison made their comeback.


Explore the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, the primary denning site for polar bears. A stunning and remote Alaskan wilderness awaits.

Polar Bears

Florida’s Chassahowitzka Refuge provides a safe haven for manatees. These gentle giants thrive in the estuaries and marshes.


Discover the impressive moose in Alaska’s Koyukuk Refuge. This vast wilderness is perfect for these majestic North American giants.


The endangered California condor finds refuge at Bitter Creek. This bird’s comeback is a symbol of successful conservation efforts.

California Condors