How To Transition To Gray Hair With Lowlights

What are lowlights?

Imagine lowlights as the antithesis of highlights, but with even less work for your hair.

Lowlights deepen hair, highlights lighten it, and grays don't need to be peeled to take that color because they're already stripped.

What do lowlights look like on gray hair?

Lowlights are darker strands intentionally put across the scalp to break up grays and highlights.

Why might someone get lowlights when they start going gray?

Lowlights can be a nice stop on the route to an all-over gray look or a strategy to downplay silver streaks if you're still partial to your lifelong hair color. 

How should lowlights be maintained at home?

After finding your optimal lowlight style, at-home techniques will keep your strands looking their best between salon appointments. 

Wash and condition color-treated hair with a product designed for it first.