The 7 Golden Rules Of Grilling

Prep Your Grill's Grates for Success: 

Clean and oil grates before starting; use a wire or non-wire brush and lightly grease with an oil-dipped paper towel to avoid flare-ups.

Preheat the Grill and Then Preheat It Some More:

Preheat for at least 10-15 minutes to ensure hot grates for sear marks and a nonstick surface, preventing grayish, steamed food.

Create Your Zones: 

Establish direct and indirect cooking zones for different foods; use gas or charcoal to create hotter and cooler areas for optimal cooking of various meats and vegetables.

Salt Your Food in Advance: 

Season meat 30 minutes before grilling for better flavor and moisture retention; dry the surface with a paper towel to avoid steaming instead of searing.

Let It Be:

Allow food to sear without frequent shifting; only check if it might be burning and ensure grill marks are properly formed before flipping.

Keep the Lid Closed: 

Trap heat and smoky flavor by keeping the lid closed; opening the lid loses heat and increases cooking time, similar to an oven.

Wait to Glaze: 

Apply glazes and sauces just two minutes before finishing to prevent burning while allowing caramelization.

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