The 9 Best Things To Buy At Costco, According To An Employee

Rotisserie Chicken

At just $4.99, Costco's rotisserie chickens are a delicious, economical meal for families, offering freshness and versatility.

Chicken Noodle Soup

This seasonal favorite can be repackaged and frozen, making it a convenient, ready-to-eat meal perfect for colder months or when feeling unwell.


Costco s 64-ounce half-and-half, priced around $2.99, is a cost-effective staple for recipes and morning coffee, often a third cheaper than regular grocers.

Kirkland Grass-Fed Butter

Comparable in taste to more popular brands, Kirkland s Grass-Fed Butter from New Zealand offers a quality, affordable alternative.

Fairlife Protein Drinks

These high-protein, lactose-free drinks are a great bulk buy, providing 30 grams of protein and 150 calories per bottle, at approximately $2 each.

Kirkland Travel Pants

Known for their durability and quality, these travel pants feature a four-way stretch material and five pockets, comparable to many athletic brands.

Pre-Made Deli Items

Costco s selection of pre-made meals, including sandwiches and full oven-ready meals, provides convenient, cost-effective dining options at around $5 per serving.

Wine, Beer, and Spirits

Costco offers cost-effective alcohol options, with minimal markups compared to traditional wine stores, making it a budget-friendly choice for beverages.

A Case of Kirkland Bottled Water

Essential for preparedness kits or pantries, Kirkland-branded bottled water cases are a practical, high-demand item that frequently flies off the shelves.

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