The 9 Most Epic Things To Do In Los Angeles With Kids

Not much is more iconic than the Hollywood Sign! Hiking to the Hollywood sign offers a panoramic perspective of LA. You can hike behind the sign but not touch it.

Hollywood Sign

Is LA complete without the Hollywood Walk of Fame and Chinese Theatre? Maybe not, but it's disappointing. I mean, the Chinese Theatre has stars and handprints, but I expected more.

Walk of Fame

Venice Beach offers unique experiences. There is a wonderful path from the Santa Monica Pier to Venice Beach, so we parked in the midst of a large parking lot

Venice Beach

Despite hearing great things about the Pier, we've never there. The day we were there was rather busy, but we would definitely visit again when we are nearby.

Santa Monica Pier

We went to Malibu to see what it was like and locate a beach to run on after Venice Beach was too crowded. We visited El Pescador State Beach in Malibu, a magnificent state park with a beach, to get a taste of the Pacific Ocean and California coast as we headed north.


This kid-friendly museum near Pasadena is a drive, but it was so great we could have spent all day there. We got 4 tickets with our reciprocal museum membership again.

Kidspace Museum

We wanted to visit the California Adventure Center after hearing good things, but we ran out of time! The museum normally closes around 5pm. The Space Shuttle Endeavor Exhibition at the museum is impressive.

California Science Center

All participants must be 8 years old or older, and it was expensive. We probably would have done it if the kids watched the shows in question.

WB Studios Tour

Universal Studios Hollywood is a great Los Angeles attraction. Especially Harry Potter fans!

Universal Studios Hollywood