The 9 Weirdest Places Alligators Have Been Found in America

In the Southeast of the United States, many alligators reside on golf courses, frequently because they have nowhere else to go because of urbanisation.

Golf Courses

A 550-pound, nearly 11-foot-long alligator in Charlotte County went swimming in a backyard pool in May of 2022.

Pools and Hot Tubs

Alligators find New York far too chilly, but on February 19, 2023, they rescued a 4-foot-long female alligator from one of the lakes in Prospect Park, Brooklyn!

A Park in New York City

A five-foot-long alligator in Chicago's Humboldt Park Lagoon managed to elude capture for a full week in 2019!

Humboldt Park in Chicago

Dean Brown said he observed a huge plush animal in the attic while doing a standard house inspection in Echo Farms, North Carolina.

A Home Attic

A tap at the front door was heard by the owner of a mobile home in Plant City, Florida in 2016.

Knocking at the Front Door

Baseball grounds are among the strangest sites in America where alligators have been discovered!

Baseball Dugouts

A 2- to 3-foot alligator wandered around Enfield, Connecticut in 2012, hundreds of miles away from its native habitat!

A Bus Stop in Connecticut

When a Carlisle, Pennsylvania, woman discovered her pet alligator was loose at the grocery store, she was taken aback!

A Grocery Story in Pennsylvania