The States With the Most Wild Hogs Roaming Free

1. Texas - 3,000,000

There are too many wild hogs in Texas, and it doesn't look like the problem can be fixed before it gets worse. With more than 3 million hogs and growing, the state has the most.

2. Oklahoma - 1,500,000

Because there are so many wild hogs in Oklahoma, you can hunt them all year long on private land. The only rule is that shooting hogs is illegal when it's deer hunting season.

3. Louisiana - 750,000

Louisiana has the third most trouble with wild hogs in the United States. Louisiana State University says that wild hogs hurt crops worth $76 million every year. The damage they do to the waterways is huge.

4. Georgia - 600,000

In addition to causing enormous damage to ecosystems, crops, and wood in Georgia, feral pigs are also responsible for the transmission of illness to people, cattle, and other animals.

5. Florida - 500,000

Wild hogs in Florida eat the young of snakes, birds that nest on the ground, and some kinds of mammals. They fight with local animals for food. They have been seen eating the young of goats.

6. New Mexico - 500,000

In New Mexico, wild pigs cause a similar situation. They destroy economic and food-producing crops and rangelands. Their massive rooting holes destroy hay fields.

7. South Carolina - 450,000

The wild pigs in South Carolina are causing widespread destruction and are reproducing at a rate that is beyond the capacity of the required culling methods to keep up with their population growth.