These Are 9 of the Least Intelligent Cat Breeds

As the most popular low-intelligence breed in the US, the Exotic Shorthair charms families with their loving nature. They get along well with everyone and require minimal grooming, making them ideal for households seeking an easy-going pet.

Exotic Shorthair

Persian cats are renowned for their affectionate and low-maintenance demeanor. They enjoy spending time with children and require minimal grooming thanks to their self-sufficient grooming habits.

Persian Cat

Considered less intelligent but trainable, Himalayans respond to patient training efforts despite occasional stubbornness. Careful attention is needed for potty training due to their independent nature and selective hearing.


Birmans are categorized as obedient yet stubborn. They can be trained for tricks but may require patience due to their sensitive nature. Known for their affectionate behavior, they express emotions through actions rather than vocalizations.


The American Shorthair exhibits variable intelligence but generally responds well to training initiated early in life. Owners should be cautious with commands to avoid misinterpretations, as these cats tend to have their own way of understanding directions.

American Shorthair

A beloved breed in the UK, the British Shorthair enjoys human company but requires minimal attention. Their calm demeanor makes them suitable for busy households or those with children, as they are not easily startled.

British Shorthair

The Snowshoe cat can learn basic commands but prefers a relaxed lifestyle and isn't fond of rigorous activities. Families willing to adjust to their laid-back nature will find them to be affectionate companions who enjoy ample nap time.


Known for its intelligence challenges, the Serengeti cat requires prolonged training periods to understand commands. Their lazy disposition means they will only exert effort when necessary, typically for food-related incentives.

Serengeti Cat

The Scottish Fold is considered one of the least intelligent cat breeds. While trainable, they struggle with complex commands and may even be slow to grasp simpler instructions. Patience is key during training sessions due to their laid-back nature.

Scottish Fold