These Unsung Black Beauty Icons Helped Shaped Every Modern Trend

Adelaide Hall

Adelaide Hall's glossy finger waves and ruby lips defined the flapper aesthetic during her Broadway stardom in the 1920s.

Pearl Bailey

Pearl Bailey, with her striking bone structure and versatile persona, hosted her own ABC variety show, showcasing her acting and vocal talents.

Etta Moten Barnett

Etta Moten Barnett, renowned for her beauty and radio work in the 1950s, hosted the radio show "I Remember When," a milestone for Black women's voices.

Nina Mae McKinney

Nina Mae McKinney, celebrated as an early Black movie star, defied comparisons with her stunning looks and diverse career choices.

Paula Kelly

Paula Kelly's influential presence in the late '60s and '70s showcased her range and enduring beauty, from her glossy Afro to bold winged eyeliner.

Edna Mae Harris

Edna Mae Harris captivated audiences with her long lashes, coquettish bangs, and radiant smile in all-Black cast films.

Carmen Manley

Carmen Manley, a beloved Black British entertainer, dazzled with intricate updos and live theatrical performances across the pond.