Top 8  Hanging Basket Plants In 2024

 Begonia x tuberhybrida

Because begonia x tuberhybrida plants can withstand shade, they make an excellent choice for a basket on the side of the house with less light. Massive flowers with eye-catching double rows of petals and exquisite picotee decoration are frequently produced by these begonises.


Hanging basket plants are great made from fuchsias! Actually, small trailing cultivars showcase their enormous blossoms from below. These reasonably priced, semi-hardy perennials give an opulent display for several years as long as they are overwintered in a location free from frost.


Huge blooms, a delightful fragrance, rich foliage, and an amazing blend of compact and trailing behaviours are all characteristics of petunias. Petunias, with their striking block colours and whimsical picotee blossoms.


A useful plant for hanging baskets is bacopa. It grows easily, and the flower-covered stems reach a length of more than 45 cm. These delicate, but highly resilient plants are the ideal way to add volume to mixed displays or baskets with a colour theme.


Impressive as an annual, lobelia produces clouds of delicate white, pink, or blue blooms in the summer along with airy leaves. These adaptable flowers make a wonderful addition to mixed baskets and make the ideal background for other bedding plants.


Blooming profusely, these "miniature petunias" create a stunning display with an extended colour spectrum. Because they are hardy, resilient to the elements, and thrive in both sun and shade.

Geraniums (Pelargoniums)

There's a reason geraniums are a favourite bedding plant. Tough and drought-tolerant, these delicate perennials will bloom again the following year provided they are shielded from the frost. They come in a multitude of colours.


Osteospermums, often known as African daisies, are hardy plants that thrive in bright, south-facing locations and are naturally drought-tolerant. More recent types have been trained to trail, which makes them perfect for hanging baskets. They form eye-catching balls of colour.